quarta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2011

Santa Sack Swap ( cont.)

All my gifts!

A notebook cover. 
A pen in a box. 

A cute mug... 

With a matching mug rug!

 A towel with a cute snow men.
A box for the rotary cutter.

A candle. 

Sissors Keeper.

Pink yarn, and a heart with alfazema.

A litlle mirror.

And my special gift!
So, I'm a lucky girl,  yes I am!
Tank you so much Teresa for my lovely and special gifts!
Tank you Cheryll for hosting this great swap!


domingo, 18 de dezembro de 2011

Santa Sack Swap

This swap was possible tanks to Cheryll!
The day to open the presents in the sack was the 15th, but as my partner on this swap Teresa decided to change the rules a little I change it too but in a different way. I'm more curiose than Teresa so I decided to open a present every day. The kids are helping, they choose witch present I'm opening. This way I kill my curiosity and extend the pleasure of opening the gifts for a little longer.

This is the beautiful sack that Teresa made for me!

 All the goodies that I recive.

 The first I openned, a purse, I'm already using it for my Knitting small accessories.
 This was Friday goodie. It's a knitting needle case. Teresa knows I love to Knit and I just love this needle case.

Tonight I'll try to post about yesterday and today gifts, I need to take some pictures.
I had the pleasure to meet Teresa and her daughter at a patchwork meeting. She is a wonderful person and I'm loving the things she made especially for me. Tanks Teresa!

sábado, 17 de dezembro de 2011


Ontem comecei a acolchoar a manta de Natal à máquina. Resolvi contornar as estrelas pela parte de dentro e não foi fácil, mas como eu gosto de coisas complicadas... Estou a gostar bastante do resultado, só falta saber se fica pronta para este Natal!

Last night I started to quilt the Christmas Quilt. I decided to quilt around the stars and that wasn't easy, but I don't like easy things... I'm really pleased with the result, just don't know if I can finish it before this year's Christmas!

sábado, 10 de dezembro de 2011


Consegui fazer um saquinho para oferecer à minha amiga secreta do almoço de Natal dos encontros de Tricot, a Ana Paula. Utilizei um tutorial do blog Sewmamasew que pertence ao novo livro do John Adams.
I made a little bag to give to my secret friend, Ana Paula in our christmas lunch( a group of friends who meet every week to knit and talk). I used a pattern from John Adams new book, you can see it on the sewmamasew blog.

O meu quilt de Natal está pronto para ser acolchoado!
My Christmas quilt is ready to be quilted